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Working with Nicole on my Spiritual journey has been nothing short of incredible.
Her kind nature and wealth of knowledge around all things Spiritual/Universal, Gods and Goddesses is deep.
I feel an upward trajectory in my growth and depth since working with her. I have done Reiki, intensive Chakra work,
Thai massage, sound healing- and more with Nicole. She is truly gifted and holds an incredibly safe and sacred space for me.
Nicole's energy is so graciously powerful and I am forever grateful for the work we do together.



"I found Nicole through the SONO Healing Collective, and I couldn't be more grateful that the universe brought us together. I initially planned to treat myself to a reiki healing session for my birthday, but after one session with Nicole, I immediately booked an entire chakra healing series. Over the next seven weeks, we focused on one chakra per week: colors, mudras, mantras, meditations, binaural beats, foods, crystals, and reiki all centered around the chosen chakra. I have never felt so singularly healed by another human being on this earthly plane. No doctor, no therapist, no healer of any kind has ever been able to release and restore me as much as Nicole. Not only that, but she is sweet, intelligent, warm, personable, always on time, and her services are very fairly priced. I cannot recommend this amazing human being enough!"




"I’ve had a few massages with Nicole. I must say It was truly amazing. I got a massage while I was pregnant it was truly relaxing. She catered to all the pin points my poor body was aching too. I left the session relaxed and ready to give birth within the few weeks. I also had a deep tissue massage it was so great I almost fell asleep. The music she plays is so therapeutic and stress free. Combined with the scents that are in the air it makes for a pleasant atmosphere. I truly recommend you try her services. They are life changing."



"Nicole has been part of my wellness and health journey for over three years. She is truly a gem. Her energy is magnetic and she has a gift for healing. She genuinely cares for my wellness. 

I see Nicole once a month for either a 60 or 90 minute full body massage session. I always feel brand new and relieved after the sessions. I carry a lot of my stress in my shoulders and neck. Nicole focuses on those areas and helps release the tension. I tried the Thai massage for the first time a few months ago because I was having pain in my lower back. Wow...what a difference it made! I no longer felt the pain after the session. I highly recommend Nicole’s services." 




"I have known Nicole for more than 5 years. I always get full body, deep tissue or Thai. She is a pro ,she knows how to really handle every stress in my muscles, that’s why I can’t get enough of it, one hour massage is not enough so I make it an hour and a half every service, now I get home service .I have tried massage from other SPA sometime, but her massage is different, she has the real healing touch without hurting my skin and not missing any spot of tight muscles. She is the best , she knows what she’s doing!!! She is a real pro!"


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