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Nicole M., LMT, Reiki Worker, Yogin

Nicole is a Licensed, practicing Massage Therapist, a Level III Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker, and a forever student, lover, and YTT 200 Certified, teacher of Yoga. She attended and graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport and, soon after passing her licensing exam, began working at a local spa as well as with various other healthcare professionals. She has been providing amazing therapeutic touch to Fairfield County for over 12 years.


From youth, Nicole has felt that part of her purpose is to be of service to others, and she was able to begin the journey of fulfilling that purpose once she began her training as a Massage Therapist. While attending massage therapy school Nicole received reiki I training and attunement, enhancing her natural ability to heal through touch. Later on she continued her reiki studies and received beautiful attunements to levels II and III, and her gift and intuition have strengthened, making her adept at sensing imbalances in the body and guiding her clients to balancing their energies and getting ahead of potential issues in the body.


Nicole has also received training and certification in Traditional Thai Massage, also sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga Massage, an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, massage,  and passive assisted yoga postures and stretches. It is a deep and relaxing modality that also helps move stagnant energy in the body and help improve range of motion. Thai is Nicole's favorite form of bodywork and she plans to further her knowledge and create more integrative experiences with bodywork and energy work.

Nicole is a certified teacher of yoga, and has been a student of yoga philosophy for years, and continues to learn and grow in her own practice. She came to yoga as an adjunct to her exercise regimen, and from there discovered what she knew she had been looking for in her spiritual life. Everything about the roots of yoga up to the physical practice drew her in and has transformed her in so many ways. Nicole's goal is to help others seeking transformation through the incredible system of yoga, incorporating meditation, movement, breathwork and sound healing into her work with clients.


~Up close and personal~

Nicole began practicing yoga in 2013 as an adjunct to her fitness routine, but soon began to seek the deeper history and meaning behind the practice. No perfect yogi, Nicole continues to learn and practice and attempts to live a life of awareness and compassion.


Her goals are to raise her children into caring, intelligent, compassionate human beings, travel as much as possible, positively affect those she touches through her healing work, and continually improve upon herself in order to become the best version of herself she can be in this life.


Nicole also wishes all the best for every friend, relative and stranger!

Licensed Massage Therapist. Rekik Master. Healer
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