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Sound Healing

Sound therapy sessions work by facilitating shifts in your brainwave state by entrainment. Entrainment synchronizes brainwaves by providing a stable frequency that the brainwave may attune to. The rhythm and frequency entrains your brainwaves making it possible to down-shift the normal beta wave state, which is your normal waking consciousness, to an alpha wave state, which is relaxed consciousness. Eventually, you may reach theta wave state, which is a meditative state, and delta wave state, which is sleep state.It is at these last two levels, theta, and delta, that healing can occur.

You can expect a deep sense of relaxation that carries throughout the rest of the day.


​During a sound and vibration session, you will be able to relax in any comfortable position, be it laying down or sitting. To begin, I will guide you with my words into a gentle visualization and then the singing bowls will play all around you, wrapping you in sound. Toward the end of the session,I may add vibration with tuning forks depending on your individual needs. The tuning forks may be waved above the body, near the head and ears, or placed directly onto points of the body. 

Tuning forks can also be used to activate acupressure points and Thai sen lines. 

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